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We need to break the regulatory stranglehold that state government has on our economy and job creators.

Through the years I have seen how the ever-increasing burden of regulations has made it more difficult to grow, expand, and create jobs.

It does not have to be that way!  No government regulation ever created a job; entrepreneurs create jobs. Our leaders should make job creation easier, not harder.

I am a member of the Competitiveness Caucus which is a coalition of business, labor, agriculture and trade groups working to highlight regulatory and trade issues essential to the state’s long-term future. Our goals include:

  • A timely regulatory review process lasting no longer than 18 months for proposals meeting Washington State’s high environmental standards.
  • An environmental framework that is predictable and obtainable, focusing on the needs of communities where projects are to be built, rather than speculative impacts.
  • A commitment to promoting trade growth and the diversity of employment opportunities that sustain Washington’s middle class.

I will fight for economic vitality with more job opportunities, because the health of our community is dependent on a strong and functional economy.