Luanne’s Legislative Work

Work I've Done:At the Legislature

In my first two years as legislator I had the honor of serving as the Asst. Ranking Member on the State Government Committee where I worked hard to ensure the integrity of our electoral system. I was also in a position to stop job-killing taxes and needless regulations.

It was also my privilege to serve on the Appropriations Committee where the House Republicans pushed back against the pressure to raise taxes and increase regulations.

Serving on the Higher Education Committee was especially rewarding for me as we successfully cut tuition for thousands of students in community and state colleges across the state. Not only is the tuition reduction component of the budget historic, students and middle class families in Whatcom County and across the state will see a much-needed reduction in next year's rates.


Bills I Have Prime Sponsored:

HB 1533 - Exempting the transfer of a firearm donated to a historical society or museum for temporary exhibition and the transfer of the firearm back to the donor from the background check requirement.

HB 1534 - Modifying the use of motor vehicle and special fuel tax proceeds by border area transportation benefit districts.

HB 1806 - Correcting references to elections statutes. PASSED

HB 1955 - Defining satisfactory academic progress for purposes of higher education.

HB 2623 – Exempting non-binding advisory measures from recounts. PASSED

HB 2632 – Political party gender requirements

HB 2754 – Abortions/taxpayer restrictions

HB 2796 – Course material costs

HB 2935 – Gender seg. facility rules

Click Here for my Secondary Sponsored Bills