Quality of Life

Luanne Head ShotI was born and raised in Whatcom County and am the fifth generation of my family to live, work, and play in Whatcom County.

As I finish my first term as your representative, I look back on the goals I had when I took the oath of office. Two years ago, I promised to take our Whatcom values to Olympia. Values that are key to a meaningful quality of life: improving schools, keeping neighborhoods safe and protecting our farms and local jobs.

“Quality of life” issues include improving the economic environment in Whatcom County to create more jobs, reforming education so every student can reach their full potential, and protecting our local farmers and farmland.

Protecting farmland is about protecting a way of life that is central to the identity of Whatcom County, even if fewer people make a living farming now than in the past.

We need to value and protect the things we love most about Whatcom County, that make us who we are. As your representative our quality of life has been my priority.